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Do you ever feel bogged down by all of the paperwork associated with operating your business?
Are you tired of struggling with QuickBooks?  Are you sure you've got all those transactions properly recorded?

How long has it been since you've reconciled your bank statements?

Does your record keeping for an entire year get done 48 hours before the deadline to file your tax return?

Recording all those checks and deposits, preparing payroll checks, making payroll tax deposits, and filing all those quarterly payroll tax reports takes a lot of valuable time. Time that could be spent growing your business.

If your business is too big for you to take care of the bookkeeping yourself, but too small to afford to hire an in-house bookkeeper, my firm can help.

All too frequently I see clients struggle with trying to do their own bookkeeping. They are professionals, tradesmen, and small business owners trying to get their financial transaction into the computer and the finished product is virtually useless to prepare their tax return. The costs to have a professional "clean up the books" can be as much or more than the cost to have the bookkeeping professionally done in the first place.

We offer a full range of bookkeeping services which include-

  1. Record all cash receipts and disbursements.
  2. Reconcile the bank accounts.
  3. Calculate and produce payroll checks for your employees.
  4. Make payroll tax deposits electronically.
  5. Prepare quarterly and annual payroll tax reports.
  6. Prepare annual W-2 forms for employees.

If you think it's time to consider having your bookkeeping done by a professional, call for a free consultation appointment.  We'll discuss your bookkeeping needs and how we can help you be successful.

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